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new york



transforming the everyday into a surprising, poetic, sensorial experience 




Exhibited at :

International Contemporary Furniture fair  - ICFF Designboom Mart, NY 2014 

Jacob Javits Center, 655 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001





People live in such a busy daily routine that some of the smallest moments are long forgotten. The objects that surround us are made purely for its function or aesthetics. Very rarely do you encounter objects that are made to enhance our senses.Take a step outside, there’re so much texture, smell, sounds and etc: richness that we deprive ourselves from. The sensorial experience is a powerful element that is currently missing in product design.

I want to apply the beauty of nature’s design into objects that people interact with in their daily lives: visually, sensually, functionally. Creating a series of objects that are derived from the forms and texture of plant life. Portraying plant life by transforming, abstracting, and simplifying plant’s characteristics into a new object. These objects are very subtle until you approach it, taking a closer look, turning it around, touch it, and maybe something new will be discovered.

In Unison is a personal exploration of nature’s beauty brought into unison with products used everyday. Through casting and repurposing of natural forms and texture in clay, combination of materials and process of hand-crafting each objects, this long term process came together through this thesis exploration. By redesigning common objects such as the keyboard, spoon, and stool, In Unison brings a surprising element into otherwise unnoticed everyday products.

In Unison can be seen as a whimsical critique of the lack of nature’s role in our modern lives. It strives to bring awareness to relationships and innate sensorial experience of nature to the objects we interact with everyday.